Nic Harrison

A Message from Nic Harrison, 2020 SCPGA Foundation Scholar

Message from Nic Harrison, The Give Scholar, University of San Diego, Class of 2024
I am extremely thankful this holiday season for the Southern California PGA Foundation and its donors for helping sponsor me at the University of San Diego, especially John Mallinger from The Give, Davis Holman from the Mayor’s Cup, and the SCPGA Foundation. Without their support, I would not be where I am today.
When the coronavirus pandemic materialized and colleges around the country cancelled fall sports and went online, as did Amherst College, I re-evaluated my options. Should I take a gap year? Should I go to Amherst and live in a dorm and attend classes online? What would college feel like if there were no interface and social activities 3,000 miles from home? On top of that, the Amherst College Men’s golf coach made a decision to step down. I decided that attending Amherst for my freshman year was not my best option under pandemic conditions. It would have been difficult for both myself and my family. Staying closer to home would be a much safer choice. The University of San Diego was a school I had considered during my application process and fortunately for me they accepted me and provided an academic scholarship that made it the best option. It was an unlikely scenario that worked out being the best decision for me.
My transition from high school to college has been pretty smooth overall, although, I still feel that I have missed out on the total college experience as all of my classes have been virtual. I would say that the most difficult part is being on your own and having to manage your college, personal and activities schedule. I did take a poetry course, although I was skeptical at first, it turned out to be an interesting add to my course load. It was hard to immerse myself in many of the community projects due to COVID, however I did participate in a community service activity helping grade school students with different STEM problems through my Calculus class at USD.
Looking ahead to Christmas and Summer break, I plan to play in three amateur golf events, the Desert Amateur, the San Diego Amateur, and the Agave Amateur, as well as spend time with family and friends. Things are different this year but we will get through it. Over the Summer, I plan to return home to La Quinta and play golf everyday with both my dad and many of my friends, as well as playing in amatuer golf tournaments. I hope to take advantage of the long break to rest, relax, enjoy and regroup for next year’s challenges and be on campus for the first time.
This experience would not be possible without the outstanding support from the Southern California PGA Foundation and their amazing supporters, including; The John Mallinger Charitable Foundation (The Give Pro-Am), the Mayor’s Cup Foundation, and the Friends of Golf. During this holiday season, I encourage you to support them and afford the next student-athlete with the experience of a lifetime.
Happy Holidays!
Nic Harrison | University of San Diego
2020 SCPGA Foundation Scholar