SCGA Junior

A Parent’s Perspective on SCGA Junior

My name is Rodney Laciste and my daughter, Nataliya, has been participating in SCGA Junior for the past seven-plus years.
The program holds a special place in our hearts, and from the first class Nataliya took, I knew it was unique; the coaches were so informative, very approachable, and provided so many great activities for the kids. Everyone is made to feel like they belong here, and it’s something you feel right from the start.
For Nataliya, I am so proud that these SCGA Junior lessons have led her to do well in high school golf, advancing to CIF as only a Freshman this season.
Recently, she had the great opportunity to participate in the Friends of Golf clinic and tournament at Riviera Country Club, where she received a personal lesson from the great Peter Kostis. That was such an amazing day for Nataliya (and me, too!) and she was very honored to be a part of it and have the great opportunity to play the course. Really, she’s still talking about it!
For me, the biggest impact of SCGA Junior is the special friendships we have made throughout the years. I’ve learned so much from the coaches and other parents, as they’ve taught me a lot about things like college requirements for golf and tournament play. I would like other parents to know that this program has truly given us the opportunity to find community, and have created lifelong friendships and support systems along the way.
I try to be as involved as I possibly can, having volunteered at many of our tournaments, as well as joining the Southeast LA parent committee. Currently, we’re working on selling tickets for the community raffle fundraiser on November 13th.
I have always said that golf is such a great bonding sport for father and daughter. We get to spend a lot of time together, talking about things while out on the course. I love that I get to teach her new things about the game (even if I can’t do them myself).
Nataliya has mentioned many times how she wants to give back to the program. She’s been so impressed by the great coaches over the years, and they’ve made such an influence on her that she wants to become a coach herself one day.
Thank so for your continued support of SCGA Junior, and for helping create lessons and memories that will last our kids a lifetime.
Mr. Rodney Laciste