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Matthew Carungay is Awarded the 2017 Friends of Golf Scholarship

(June 25, 2017) — Matthew Carungay, a Loyola Marymount University freshman, is Awarded the 2017 Friends of Golf Scholarship at SCGA Junior’s 7th Annual Scholar Dinner on June 25, 2017.
Matthew has been an active SCGA Junior member for more than seven years, as both a participant and volunteer. He was invited to speak at the annual SCGA Hall of Fame Dinner, attend the SCGA Junior tournament dinner with Tom Watson, and selected to participate in the Friends of Golf tournament clinic with Butch Harmon. Matt spends time giving back to junior golf as a volunteer coach with our junior golf instruction program in Norwalk. A former captain of the golf team at La Miranda High School, Matthew will join the Loyola Marymount University men’s golf team this upcoming fall. Matthew leaves quite the legacy at La Miranda with a 4.26 GPA, and he’s the current record holder for lowest round with a 66.
As the 2017 FOG Scholar, Matthew had some thoughts to share with other aspiring young golfers following in his footsteps.
“Golf has been a big part of my life since I was very young. Through golf, I learned valuable life lessons that only the game can teach you. The mental lessons I learned playing golf like belief, patience, acceptance, and gratitude, along with hard work, has provided me with the foundation I need to develop my character. These same lessons have also helped me build my analytical skills. By competing in junior tournaments around the country, golf has taught me to always finish what I started and to never give up. I also learned to manage my time, prioritize, and plan. Every Sunday night I would sit down and create an agenda for the week, highlighting certain goals I wanted to accomplish each week. Learning how to prioritize my activities and plan out my week helped me to get my school work done, practice golf, volunteer, and spend time with my family. One of the biggest lessons golf has taught me is that I must be willing to make sacrifices in order to reach my goals.”
FOG is very proud of Matthew and wish him well at LMU.
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