“It is the finest one-day tournament of its kind in the country!”
exclaimed Byron Nelson.


The much anticipated annual FOG Charity Golf Tournament is played in two shotgun starts, one in the early morning before the clinic and the other right after, which means for many the day begins before sunrise and goes well into the evening. Bel-Air Country Club provides an unrivaled venue made even more special by FOG being the only outside tournament that it plays host to each year. It’s a day packed full of fun in the sun, mouthwatering food and outstanding prizes and punctuated with memorable photos, captivating interviews and exceptional live and silent auctions. It’s why many of our supporters look forward to returning every year. We hope you’re among them!

General Information

2017 Tournament: Monday, April 24th
Location: Bel-Air Country Club, 10768 Bellagio Road, LA, CA
2017 Honoree:  Dustin Johnson
Cost to Play: $1,850 (Playing Spot, Cocktail Party and Dinner)
Cost for Additional Dinner Guests: $150 per person


The Event

There are two groups of golfers, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sign-up early and you may be able to choose the time that works best for you; better yet, plan on spending the entire day at FOG.


Arrive early, while it’s still dark, and a FOG volunteer will tuck the biggest golf goodie bag you will ever see safely in your trunk. Then it’s up to the Clubhouse, sign in, and then head downstairs to the famous Bel-Air Grille for a continental breakfast.


Next, head out to your assigned hole for the 18-hole, shotgun start tournament on what is considered one of the most interesting and beautiful golf courses in all of California. Your five-some will compete with more than 24 other groups for bragging rights and a high-end team prize.

On every hole you will find at least one of the many outstanding FOG supporters and sponsors. You will collect head covers, trip information, clubs, towels—so many gifts you will find it hard to put them all in your golf cart.


When your round is in the books, head to your car, fill the trunk with all your new golf gifts, then wend your way over to one of the most recognized and interesting golf clinics you will ever encounter.


The Clinic

It’s one of the most widely recognized parts of the FOG Tournament!


Join the current FOG Honoree on the first tee. It might be Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, Johnny Miller, Luke Donald, Butch Harmon or any one of the most well-known and recognized professional golfers in the world. You might even see the likes of Jack or Tiger, one of these years. The honoree and the clinic are always a highlight for every player in the event.

FOG, along with the SCGA Junior, select a local high school boy and girl who have demonstrated significant talent and a serious ambition in competitive golf, but may not have had the financial resources to participate at the high school level. Through the contributions of FOG, the sponsors and the players these two young people are on scene to represent all the high school boys and girls, in similar situations, throughout southern California.


After hitting a few shots, the Honoree dissects the youngsters’ swings and offers concrete instruction and tips on how they can improve. They share anecdotes and always demonstrate a few of their own enormous talents for the mesmerized audience of golfers.


When the letters from the enthusiastic FOG participants come in every year after they return home, they always comment on how fantastic it was to be so close to one of golf’s true legends and see the magic of their games. If you played in the morning, it is time for lunch, shower and rest in preparation for the next main event: The dinner. If you are on tap for the afternoon matches, you’ll head out to your assigned tee after watching the clinic.

The Evening Program

The matches are finished, but the real festivities are just beginning! Remember that Honoree at the clinic? They are still here for cocktails, dinner and the awards presentation. Join them for a drink and hors d’oeuvres under the famous Bel-Air Porte Cochere. Perhaps you’ll be fortunate to have a souvenir photo taken with the Pro or Honoree, and add it to the one taken of your 5-some, with the backdrop of beautiful Bel-Air.


While enjoying the festivities look around. You will find some of the most interesting and potentially amazing deals to be had in the Silent Auction. Make a bid or two and set your maximum bids. You may go home a hero with a trip your spouse never thought you would win!


Next, move into the dining room for a sumptuous meal prepared by the world famous chef at the Bel-Air Country Club.


Live & Silent Auctions

For a golf event that has one highlight after another, the final surprise of the night is the best: The LIVE & SILENT AUCTIONS.


If we get letters, and we do, the ones that give us the highest compliments are from those lucky winning bidders, who cannot find the words to express their overwhelming excitement for having gone on what turned out to be an amazing, world class adventure. They may have come for golf, a clinic and some fun, but went home with a trip that will soon be etched in their memories forever.

The SILENT AUCTION offers a plethora of upper class trips, sporting events and high-end equipment, apparel and other luxury items. But it’s the LIVE AUCTION that offers the most unique and sought after experiences that you will be hard pressed to find all in one place … Land on a Navy aircraft carrier and spend the night with the crew, get up close and personal with The Blue Angels, go to The Ryder Cup and fly with the team, visit the African Savannah and see majestic beasts, explore several of the most captivating cities in Europe, visit the mystical ruins of the Historic Middle East or adventure farther into the exotic Asian continent. The unparalleled generosity of FOG’s many Grand Prize Donors has made FOG’s auctions legendary. And the “deals” are unbelievable!


The trips are so great and varied that many dinner guests, who could not play in the event, attend the evening festivities for the chance to win a trip or two. Imagine what your future may hold… You have to see these auctions to believe it!



FOG welcomes the many companies who would like to support the event through either a straight cash donation or product donation. To learn more, please contact regarding cash sponsorships and regarding donations of products and services, such as air travel, hotel accommodations, unique experiences, services, equipment and apparel.