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Media Misses the Green, Golf Isn’t “Dying”

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 17, 2016) – With less than 14 weeks before the arrival of Dustin Johnson at Bel-Air Country Club for the 38th annual Friends of Golf (FOG) event, the golf world continues to build on the excitement of DJ’s 2016 PGA season.
Golf has truly reached new heights with the plethora of young, attractive and talented PGA Tour pros capturing one tour win after another.
The game itself is exploding! High school golf teams are continuing to fill their rosters with eager boys and girls and aspiring junior golfers.
Major golf organizations are highlighting special events and introducing one new program after another to attract the weekend golfer. Manufacturers are offering equipment designed to get the new golfer off and running faster and with more enjoyment, and the courses and driving ranges are reaching record levels of participation.
This is an exciting time to be a golfer! Read how, as Kai Sato adeptly points out, golf is again on the rise and quickly becoming the game for everyone.
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Photo Credit: Getty Images