Dustin Johnson


LOS ANGELES, CA (January 2, 2016) – It will come as no surprise that the 38th Annual FOG Charity Golf Tournament is completely sold out.
WHY? It’s simple…Dustin.
The Bel-Air Country Club will explode on April 24th when FOG honors Dustin Johnson as their professional golfer of the year. According to John Hoffman, FOG President and Tournament Chairman, the 2016 Player of the Year and U.S. Open Winner was announced in December as the 2017 FOG Honoree and, in a record-setting timeframe, the event was completely sold out by Christmas.
Over the years, FOG has hosted most of the golf greats—Arnie, Jack, Phil, Anika and Gary Player, to name a few. All have filled the Bel-Air course with a maximum number of players, but none have done so as fully and as fast as Dustin.
Maybe it is just Dustin’s year. Winning the U.S. Open is a career accomplishment that every single golfer in the world dreams of winning. Add to the Open victory, the 2016 Player of the Year honor and one can quickly realize how in demand Dustin must be in 2017. And, on April 24th, he will be at the Bel-Air Country Club with all those lucky enough to have a playing spot and/or a seat at the dinner.
During the evening, Dustin will relive his favorite memories of his 2016 season—what it was like to win the U.S. Open, to make that final putt and maybe how he felt, playing in that final round, with a possible two stroke penalty centered on his mind. It took the mental toughness of a true champion to handle such pressure and to breeze home to victory without any apparent pain. How did he do it? You’ll have to be present to find out!
The day will be a memory-making experience, to be sure. From exceptional golf … an incredible honoree … the noon golf clinic … a cocktail party and dinner … and the always amazing auctions (luxury trips around the world, unique experiences, and major sports events and memorabilia), it’s a full day not available anywhere else.
If you’d like to be added to the tournament waitlist or sign up for the evening’s festivities, please visit the registration page on the FOG website. We hope to see you on April 24th!